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Your guide to planning a family-friendly Cornwall getaway  


Planning a family holiday whilst making sure there are activities for everyone to enjoy can be a stressful experience.

However, there are ways to make this process easier and this comprehensive guide is where you can start.

If you’re looking to begin planning Cornwall family holidays to keep everyone happy, carry on reading to find out how you can do so…

1. Research your accommodation choices
The first step to a successful family holiday is choosing accommodation that suits all family members.

Luckily, at Cornwall holiday resorts, you can find roomy accommodation that has facilities for all, whilst having on-site activities and entertainment to suit all ages.

Make sure you research all of the different types of accommodation styles, like caravans and lodges, to see which one is the best option for you and the family.

2. Book attractions in advance
Once you’ve booked your accommodation, you may be thinking about what attractions everyone wants to try whilst away.

Cornwall boasts numerous family-friendly attractions for a variety of ages and many that you can all share as a family.

The Eden Project is a great place to visit and provides an immersive educational experience for kids and adults alike.

You can even visit the Blue Reef Aquarium together for a fun and engaging family day out!

It’s important to check whether you can book these attractions in advance, especially if you’re in a bigger group, as you don’t want to miss out on any family fun!

3. Create an adaptable itinerary
When activities are booked and you have an idea of what you’ll be getting up to whilst in Cornwall, a good idea is to create an adaptable itinerary, so you don’t miss anything out!

It should be adaptable, as flexibility is key when travelling with family, as you never know what could happen, so prepare to encounter any changes in the plans due to a variety of reasons.

Flexibility allows for the varying interests of family members and what their energy levels are like – allowing for some downtime, spontaneous adventures, and anything else that may crop up along the way.

4. Prepare for the weather
Another element to keep in mind before setting off on your family holiday to Cornwall is to prepare for the appropriate weather conditions you could encounter.

Check the weather forecast before heading off and pack accordingly, whether that consists of bringing layers, waterproofs, and sun protection, so you’re ready for anything.

Also, if you plan on long walks or beach visits, you should pack according to every activity.

For example, bring hiking boots for walks and beach towels if you want a family beach day out!

5. Create lasting memories
Whilst you should try and spend the majority of your holiday taking in the moments of family bonding time, it’s also a great idea to capture your holiday moments.

Capture the moments by taking family photos and even journaling your experiences – why not bring along a disposable camera?

You can then sit down as a family in your accommodation for some downtime whilst reminiscing and creating family photo albums of your amazing Cornwall trip!

There are plenty of ways to plan for your next family-friendly Cornwall holiday, so what will you be including in your itinerary?


Cornwall Family Holidays

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